En Route

One should not think about the end result of one’s work, as one also doesn’t travel to arrive, but simply to travel. Goethe
My work is characterized by a great diversity. Apart from my abstract work, in which nature plays a big role as well, I now again focus my attention on realism and the fascinating world of rich shapes and colours found in nature. The floral paintings are mainly meant to make the world a little happier again.
In the series of big animal portraits the viewer's attention is immediately pulled towards the eyes. Animal and human connect and converse with each other, but still only know their own inner thougts. Inscrutable and confronting. 
The subject of Manholecovers is revived. I have so much photo’s now that they invite me to do more with them. To keep in the flower atmosphere, I've combined the manhole covers from various countries with flowers in the latest series. The beauty of all day can not be overridden.